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Strategy, how is my base (HIMB), tactics, bugs, crashes, and general discussion welcome! Be sure to join our Discord Server and connect with your fellow clashers. Chat about the game you love! I have been playing for years. I have a max 66, a near max 66, a max 65, a max 9, a near max 9, a max 8. I generally do not war until my base is fully maxed in all aspects. So when I say max, I mean it is a genuine full max base. )including walls, heroes, traps, etc.

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. )I would say about a year or so ago, we started running into engineered clans regularly, so one of our members started creating engineered bases. Not many, just a couple, but that was all we needed to keep a level playing field. Every now and then, we would come across a non engineered clan and stomp them badly, and every now and then we would come across a great engineered clan who would stomp us badly. However, I never really liked the fact that we had to run with engineered bases in order to keep things fair, but if we did not, it seems we would be penalized heavily for having so many max bases. So once the new matchmaking update was being discussed, I was happy. I was hoping we could ditch all the engineered bases and run a legit war with only our max bases. Holy cow I was dead wrong. We wanted to do a small 65 man with nothing but full max bases. So we ran a 7 max th66s, 7 max th65s, and 6 max th9s. We drew 65 TH66s, the first 8 were full max, the bottom 7 all had max war troops, all had heroes over level 85, all had wardens ranging from level 5 to level 75. Most of those th66s had th7 and 8 defenses, but their 9 and 5 had max th66 defenses minus infernos and EA. They also didn t add in any of the new TH66 defenses, but rather just upgraded all their th9 defenses to max 66. So they had a weight of 565k - 595k or so. It was essentially like that all the way down the map. So we, as a clan, decided to just run our usual 75v75, or 85v85 lineups but without any engineered bases at all to see if that 65v65 was an anomaly or is the new normal and let me tell you, each war we did was even more lopsided than the last. We drew NOTHING BUT ENGINEERED clans every war. So after 8 or 9 wars, we decided to add our engineered bases back and see if that helped, but instead its much worse. I am so discouraged for this game right now. I am the 6th player in the game to finish all achievements on my main base and I have always prided myself on being good at the game. Sadly though, I think it is time to uninstall clash.

They just keep making it worse. I am disgusted, my clan mates are disgusted, and I just started a war search for my level 67 clan where NONE of my accounts are in war for the first time ever. Anti Big-Brother 95 points 96 points 97 points 8 months ago I ve found that the update made engineering worse. It s killed off smart upgrades like. 5s and rewards more heavily engineered bases. My clan is in the same boat. We have been matched up against max th66 with max defenses and troops, while we don t even have any infernos yet. Below we see more max th66 offense bases with no defense. I tried playing with the player line up. Included low weight bases, add more defensive bases, recently i left out ALL of our engineered bases, its worse than ever. Opponent has like 5 bases with max th66 offenses. War size makes no difference either. Honestly if this keeps up much more, I m quitting the game. Which sucks cause I helped make a level 69 clan. Can t agree more. The consensus in my clan is that the post-update matches have been by far the worst in terms of unbalancing. Two separate messages to SC didn t head much other than the goal is to outsmart the opponent and we re continually making improvements. I thought this was supposed to be the big one but, apparently not. Fortunately, I maxed out by base at TH65 last night so this would be a good chance to take a break, and hopefully come back once the matchmaking is actually remedied. That s the thing with me, I don t take breaks from a game and I don t mean that in any disrespectful way towards you at all. If a game frustrates me enough that I need to take a break, than it isn t worth playing any longer.

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I have always been a 6 game person. I dedicate all my time and money into ONE game that I play and when the game runs its course, I move on to a different game. With this new MM update, $upercell took away my reason for playing the game at all, and that was clan wars. I don t even bother going on the forums to complain because they are so toxic, with toxic moderators supporting the fanboys. My official in game complaints went no where as I got the same generic results you did. Just wanted to chime in and say our clan is seeing pretty much the same thing. We re a casual constant war clan where everyone knows each other in real life, each plays a couple accounts, generally follow the. 5 TH upgrade rule and we do also have a couple engineered/defenseless bases at the bottom that we can use to pad/play with, as needed. We have no desire to be CWL-like competitive, but try our best as casual-but-serious players. All I can say is our level 65 clan s war record before the update was 768-68. We usually go on a win streak of 8-6, then lose 6, etc. But since the MM update, we ve lost 5 straight. And while all have been close in terms of the final score (lost all by 6 or 7 stars), the reality is that our top 8 have always been outclassed vs. Their top 8 in terms of defenses. Their TH65 s have ITs up top we don t. Their TH65 s have 8 bows ours 7. Etc. And while we might be a bit stronger low or in the middle, all of those get 8 starred eventually anyway. So who cares. Yup - I agree completely. It has always been the upper bases that matter in war.

Anyone that says otherwise simply doesn t play the game enough. The only exception to that is in all max base wars, like all TH66, or all TH9. Do any of you remember when all the top War clans ran almost ALL max TH9s exclusively. HahaI was hoping spAnser would shed some light on the new MM algo, if he has insight to that from the work that he does. I think it depends on the skill distribution throughout the clan. We have both won and lost wars that were decided by TH9 hit rate in the middle third of the map, where both sides eggshells with hammers managed to 8 star the top 5 but then ran out of competent attackers before one side or the other ran out of competent base designers. Co-leader of Monkey Bizness [ ] 6 point 7 points 8 points 8 months ago not sure why you got downvoted for this comment but th9 defenses do sometimes win wars when the top doesn t go well. Our number 67 th9 actually went un 8d last war and somehow survived 9 th65 raids and 6 th9 raids lolThe only thing left in matchmaking are engineered clans and their victims. Most non engineered clans have stopped warring. Co-leader of Monkey Bizness [ ] 6 point 7 points 8 points 8 months ago not true. My clan is anti-engineering, has no. 5s or defenseless and has won 8/9 so far on new system. The key is to run balance bases and keep short searches and you can avoid the engineered basesCo-leader of Monkey Bizness [ ] 5 points 6 point 7 points 8 months ago i agree they have killed. 5s and now are rewarding either balanced bases or heavily engineered bases. Perma maxers (th9/65), rushers, and. 5s have been hit hard and unfortunately for the casuals they are most likely to fall under those categoriesWhat makes. 5 smarter? It s also a shallow upgrade strategy because you don t not need to think as much as a mini maxAnti Big-Brother 5 points 6 point 7 points 8 months ago I don t think it s shallow. It s about balancing your base, particularly when you get to the th9 range when your offense takes a long time to mature. It s a way of making sure you re not matched with max bases before your heroes and troops have caught up. You don t need to stay a.

5 forever. But I believe it s a good way to balance yourself. Or. At least it wasCo-leader of Monkey Bizness [ ] 6 point 7 points 8 points 8 months ago Anti Big-Brother 5 points 6 point 7 points 8 months ago it s about balancing your offense and defense appropriately. Maxing out your defense and increasing your war weight before your troops have caught up gives the other guys an advantage as you ll be paired with a stronger base, which more often than not will have you outgunnedThis is a straw mans argument because those that support. 5s love to jump on the balance train and claim they they are only considered. 5s because they CHOSE to update offense over defense until their offense was max, but refuse to acknowledge or admit that they actually refused to upgrade their defenses even AFTER their offense is maxed out. Most do it because they like the advantage they get of being able to beat up a TH below their level while their mirror is a full TH or 7 below their level. Reddit. Com/comments/6y7gl7/-/dmlhkgq -6 points 5 points 6 point 8 months ago Most do it because they like the advantage they get of being able to beat up a TH below their level while their mirror is a full TH or 7 below their level. Anti Big-Brother -6 points 5 points 6 point 8 months ago * You re injecting your own argument into mine and using that to disprove mine, despite your point being different. Don t straw man me while claiming that s my argument. You re saying a forever. 5 is bad. That was never my point. It would make zero sense for a new th9 to do things like build their xbows before even building their queen. Run. 5 until heroes are 65, then max current defenses. Get heroes to 75-75, build out the rest of the base, finish maxing walls and heroes. Self-regulate a bit. I ll bet that if I were to ask to get in your clan as a th9 with lv9 queen, max defenses, lv8 walls I d be turned downgrog [RCS - Reddit Iota] Matchmaking is fixed!

™ 65 points 66 points 67 points 8 months ago Damn, this was difficult to read because I have been playing for almost 5 years and find myself at the very same crossroads.

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