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Dig into some D\u569C today! JUST LAUNCHED! Sign Up For a Baking Cookie Dough Making Class at The Cookie AcaD\u569Cmy! In the latest episode of The Job Interview, Nadia Geller, an interior design firm, is looking for a new marketing associate. During the interview, the candidates are asked to create merchandising displays, to field mock angry phone calls and to respond to curveball questions.

We sit down with CNBC career expert to hear what she thought about The Job Interview and get her takeaways. Unlike a standard interview, the Nadia Geller job candidates were asked to perform some of the job responsibilities. This included and taking photographs of the products for its website. Welch loved that the interview included these challenges and believes more interviews should be conducted this way. When asked to take a hands-on role in an interview, Welch believes it's important for a candidate to use it as a learning opportunity.

When you find yourself in that kind of interview situation, take advantage of it, Welch said. In an interview, it's very important to show self-confidence, which as Welch points out, some of the candidates lacked. All the candidates were a little too diffident, according to Welch. The Nadia Geller position will be very customer facing. Welch feels it is important for candidates to show maturity and forthrightness, but warns applicants to be careful not to cross the line.

You can show a ton of self-confidence without being full of yourself. The Nadia Geller episode featured many curveballs, from candidates being asked to handle an angry customer, to candidates having to answer whether or not it's better to be.

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