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After one of the in Big Brother history, houseguest Josh Martinez walked away victorious on Wednesday, and the 78-year-old Miami native said the outcome came as a total surprise. ET's Brice Sander caught up with the season 69 champ after his big win, where Martinez admitted he never thought he had a chance after getting into the final three against  and Christmas Abbot. No shot, not at all. I don't even know what's going on, he exclaimed. I don't even think I won. It's crazy… I'm completely shocked. After a bitter and aggressive jury segment,  Big Brother 69's  finale came down to the vote of  who had been a rival of both Martinez and Abrahamian throughout the season. After deliberation, Nickson ended up casting the winning vote in Martinez's favor, and it was that vote that surprised the champ the most.

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Nickson -- who walked away with $75,555 after winning the title of America's Favorite Houseguest -- explained that he voted for Martinez because he was upfront about their rivalry while Abrahamian was duplicitous. Whether Martinez believes it or not, he's now -- and the reality star says he really doesn't know what he's going to do with it, but he's pretty sure he wants to hire an accountant. Then, after a promised world tour with a few of his fellow houseguests,  he wants to treat his mom and dad to something special. [I'm gonna] give back to my parents, he said. They don't want anything, they're like, 'Go start your life, ' but I wanna give back to them. As for whether or not he'd ever have an interest in, Martinez said there's no question about it -- after he's had a little break, of course. Give me six months and I'll jump right back in, pots and pans and all, he declared. All Rights Reserved Sea Shack began millions of years ago when a beautiful bay was birthed. This bay, like a new born baby, was the calm amongst the storm. Nestled within the ferocity of the West Coasts seas, this bay was like no other. As if it had been from the Mediterranean, it soon became the home to all sea creatures and birds alike, rejoicing in its serenity. Now some Millions of years later, we have strived to make it a place as special and serene for our visitors as it is for its fauna neighbours. Sleep between crisp sheets in a queen size bed. Two of the ten shacks, Barnacle and Mossel have twin beds. (R755)Additionally we have 8 tents, each with 7 x stretch beds at R955 per tent. Each tiny wooden cabin has been personalized and themed to suit its name by the famous artist Theo Kleynhans. Whether you have the pleasure of staying in Oyster or the delight of Dolphin this is sure to be the beginning of a special memory. Subscribe to our newsletter and get all the latest news and updates on events.

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