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Made from high quality, natural deposits of limestone, and meeting exacting chemical and physical properties, Carmeuse has a broad range of lime and limestone products that provide high-performance, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly attributes and benefits for a broad range of industrial applications. Carmeuse’s baseline of products and their corresponding industrial applications include: Through a strong focus and commitment to provide high-performance, cost-effective, and environmental solutions for its customers, Carmeuse is always developing products for specialized applications. Among its more popularly used product brands, Carmeuse offers: INJECTOLIME ® -- small particles of quality dolomitic lime and high calcium lime delivered into the molten slag/metal interface using state-of-the-art injection technology in the steel industry. These particles quickly dissolve providing the steelmaker very responsive control of slag chemistry. PREMIACAL ® -- an engineered limestone that is a cost-effective, high-performance additive designed to improve the quality and processing of concrete. PREMIACAL ® is ideal to use in Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) mix for optimal performance, improved appearance and increased cost savings.

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ENVIROLIME ® -- a composition of limestone, lime, silica and coal fly ash as a co-product generated during the production of lime. ENVIROLIME ® is a highly reactive and reliable product for many applications, including in soil improvement and soil stabilization. MIRACLE MORTA-LOK ® -- preferred by professionals, a Type “S” mason’s hydrated lime with high elasticity, durability, water resistance, efflorescence control and workability. MIRACLE E-Z SPREAD ® -- an air-entrained Type SA hydrated masonry-stucco lime that adds elasticity and plasticity to mix and meets all national specifications including ASTM, UBC, BOCA, and SBCC. FUSITE ® -- a granular refractory dolomite with high resistance to heat to protect EAF refractory units resulting in greater technical performance and product quality.

DOLOPEL ® -- a high density dolomite used for the production of refractory bricks. DRYOX ® -- typically used in the construction industry, an economical lime product for the remediation of soils, wastes and sludges. B6 the dry solid part of the earth's surface, or any large piece of this that sticks up out of the ground or the sea: › slang for a valuable stone used in jewellery, especially a diamond: A7 a type of popular music with a strong, loud beat that is usually played with electric guitars and drums:

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C7 to ( cause someone or something to) move backwards and forwards or from side to side in a regular way: › If a person or place is rocked by something such as an explosion, the force of it makes the person or place shake: › If an event rocks a group of people or society, it causes feelings of shock: › slang to wear a particular style of clothing, etc. And look good or fashionable:

› a large mass of stone that sticks up out of the ground or the sea, or a separate piece of stone: › to move something or cause something to move backward and forward or from side to side: › If a person or place is rocked, it is surprised, upset, or excited: Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets. Browse our dictionary apps today and ensure you are never again lost for words.

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