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  With only 9 ingredients, chances are you have the ingredients in your fridge pantry already. I think you could use any lemon-lime type soda if you didn t have 7-UP. Though I haven t tried it, I think diet drinks would work, too. The point is that the bubbles make these biscuits extremely light and fluffy. When you first mix everything up, you will notice that the dough is VERY sticky. This gets taken care of when you add the extra Bisquick to your surface for patting out the biscuits. Add just enough to the dough to make it smooth and pliable. These will be great to serve with most any meal.

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I baked a ham tonight for dinner and plan to make some cute little ham biscuit sandwiches tomorrow. Yum! Sprinkle additional biscuit mix on a board or table and roll dough out. Cut into circles with a biscuit cutter or a drinking glass if you don t have a biscuit cutter. Place cut biscuits in pan and bake at 955 °F until golden brown for about 65 minutes. I ve never tried it, but I don t know why it wouldn t work. I made these as large drop biscuits, when done put sausage, egg and cheese on them and they were amazing. . My kids loved them Not sure what a drop biscuit is. Would u mind explaining pls? A drop biscuit is one that you drop the dough with a spoon onto the cookie sheet as opposed to using a rolling pin to roll them out and then cut them with a biscuit cutter. Hope that helps! You just take a tablespoon full of dough and drop onto baking sheet! No rolling out! I ve never tried it, but I don t know why it wouldn t. I m not sure why that happened. Maybe cut them thicker? Maybe the soda was flat?

Sorry it didn t work out for you. You can use sprite, I also used diet ginger ale, it all works, but if the bisquick is old, they won t rise. Have used Sprite, 7UP, GingerAle and they all work. These are my new favorite biscuit. Soooo good! 🙂are they sweet, at all? What if i used soda water instead, to cut back on the sugar? I have only used 7-Up or the generic version. According to the other post, Sprite other things have been used that worked for her. I don t think I would use the soda water. While the biscuits aren t sweet, I think I d use a diet 7-Up to cut the sugar. If you try the soda water, let me know how it works for you! Any ideas? I really don t know why it didn t work. Anyone else know? ? With any gluten-based dough, if you mix it too much the dough will become tough and not very fluffy. Like how if you over mix pancake batter, the pancakes don t fluff up when they cook.

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The amount you mix the batter/dough effects how much the gluten bonds together the less mixing = the less gluten bonding, ensuring a fluffier texture. I hope that makes sense. I always used to have a hard time with making breads and biscuits because I would accidentally over mix them. Don t leave much space between them on the pan they need to be touching as they bake to support each otherI dont roll or cut or drop when i make them, i just pour the batter into the buttered dish and cut them when they come out of the oven! I did this too! And they came out wonderful and fluffy! Saves time too 🙂I wouldn t cook with a diet soda. The aspartame in the diet soda breaks down to wood alcohol when heated. Make sure to fold the sour cream into the bisquick first. Then add the 7up. My first attempts were to just mix all ingredients up and the results were flat biscuits. Hope this helps! My husband doesn t like sour cream so I cut the amount in half, added milk and cream cheese to make up the other half. You get moisture, fluffiness and flakiness! I ve made these several times with plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, club soda instead of sprite to reduce calories make it a bit healthier. I ve also made them with diet clear soda, and they ve always been delicious, light fluffy. Everyone raves about them, and I laugh because they re so easy! The only other pan I have is an 8 8?

Thanks. You don t have to double it. Just use any pan you like and place them with a little room between them to rise. Pretty much like you would with frozen or canned biscuits. Thank You Kim. I made a single batch, put in 9 68 pan, baked. They were delicious, but very flat. About 8/9 of an inch high is all. I just flattened them out, didn t cut biscuits. With a little more practice, I may have a good batch. They were real sticky still when put in pan tho. Maybe a little more flour next time oo. How do u fold in the sour cream? I don t know what that means or how to do it! ! Folding is when you gently incorporate an ingredient into something. I use a rubber spatula to gently mix, running it through in a circular motion away from me. It is most important when you have something fragile like beaten egg whites that you want to mix with deflating them.

Hope that helps some. I ve made these the given way, and also by using regular self-rising flour instead of Bisquick and plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. I ve also used 7-Up, Sprite, and store brand lemon-lime soda. They turn out beautifully every time. You melt the butter just in the pan. Don t put it in the biscuits. I haven t tried club soda, but it seems like it might work. Anyone else reading this know? I don t think that would work the same. Bisquick is more than just flour salt. These are the best biscuits ever! I made them for Christmas Eve Dinner and everyone raved about them. All the kids even said over and over, these are the best biscuits ever I have made the twice and will be making these again. My dough is reallllly watery. And I used the right 7up to Bisquick ratio. Have you ever made these a day ahead? If so, do they hold up and reheat well? I am going to try to convert this to a lower carb version using low carb baking mix and plain Greek yogurt.

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