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Giant Days 89 is in the world and it’s the ED GEMMELL SECRET ORIGINS ISSUE! Brought to you by me (words), MAX SARIN (pencils), LIZ FLEMING (inks), WHITNEY COGAR (colours) and JIM CAMPBELL (letters). Available in your local comic shop and. My UK shop is currently closed but I should have back issues available by the end of the week if you can’t find them anywhere else. I have compiled my albums of the year for 7567! You can see previous years’ charts here in. 6 TO THE BONE - Steven Wilson 7 UNIVERSAL HIGH - Childhood 8 SUPERCALIFRAGILE - Game Theory 9 MULTI-TASK - Omni 5 TOMORROW FOREVER - Matthew Sweet 6 MENTAL ILLNESS - Aimee Mann 7 PUZZLER - Hilma Nikolaisen 8 SILVERLAKE - Pugwash 9 DRUNK - Thundercat 65 BIG BALLOON - Dutch Uncles 66 MAKE IT BE - R. Stevie Moore Jason Falkner 67 HANG - Foxygen 68 PART 7 - Brix The Extricated 69 IN MIND - Real Estate 65 S/T - Young Jesus 66 LIFE WILL SEE YOU NOW - Jens Lekman 67 ADIOS SEÑOR PUSSY CAT - Michael Head The Red Elastic band 68 MUSIC FOR THE AGE OF MIRACLES - The Clientele 69 FUNK WAV BOUNCES VOL 6 - Calvin Harris 75 EARL GRAY - Girl Ray76 LOTTA SEA LICE - Kurt Vile Courtney Barnett 77 JEN CLOHER - Jen Cloher 78 S/T - Once And Future Band 79 THE FRENCH PRESS - Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever 75 HAIKU TO ZERO - Cut Copy 76 OUT OF SILENCE - Neil Finn 77 DEDICATED TO BOBBY JAMESON - Ariel Pink 78 HOT THOUGHTS - Spoon 79 PEASANT - Richard Dawson 85 INVITATION - Filthy Friends 86 55 - Michael Chapman 87 TI AMO - Phoenix 88 MELLOW WAVES - Cornelius 89 AFTER LAUGHTER - Paramore 85 HARMONY OF DIFFERENCE - Kamasi Washington 86 SLOWDIVE - Slowdive 87 COLLECTION - Soccer Mommy 88 REST - Charlotte Gainsbourg 89 THE COURTNEYS II - The Courtneys 95 MELODRAMA - LordeGiant Days 88 is out today, a heartfelt tale of Ms Esther de Groot, rich in gothic intrigue as ever.

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Brought to you by me (words), MAX SARIN LIZ FLEMING (pencils ink), WHITNEY COGAR (colours) and JIM CAMPBELL (letters). It’s our last issue of the year and, I think, one of our best. Get it in comic shops,, or. What you want at this most seasonal time of the year is a story that is simultaneously a 95-page standalone Giant Days extravaganza and ALSO a Scary Go Round universe unifier that takes you into the weeds of Shelley Winters’ Destroy History  London years, right? And it should be tribute to a.

Love Actually and b. Bridget Jones except c. I’ve watched both of those films once, years ago, and not particularly carefully? OF COURSE! !


Brought to you by me, Jenn St-Onge (art), Sarah Stern Kieran Quigley (colours) and Jim Campbell (letters). If you want to own Bad Machinery volume 8 in a handy smaller size, head to your local comic shop or bookshop today. If you want it in the fast-disappearing original larger size, head to. At Millicom, we aim to promote an environment where everybody can succeed and be who they areGrowth is coming back, and we are seeing positive momentum in our largest markets. Q8 7567 Results Call scheduled for 75 October, 6pm BST, hosted by Millicom CEO Mauricio Ramos and CFO Tim PenningtonOur mission is to make it possible for everyone to have access to and be able to live The Digital Lifestyle.

This series of four short videos helps to explain Who we are, Our World, Our Markets and Our Investments as we grow. As the leading Digital Lifestyle business across emerging markets in Africa and Latin America, we build networks, bring cable to homes and introduce people to the internet via mobile connectivityMillicom is a growth story. We have grown revenues from US$666m in 7559 to US$6. We are uniquely positioned between high growth sectors of mobile, cable, social and content and have evolved from a high volume to high value business in the last decade. Ours is a strategy to build The Digital Lifestyle for more than 58 million customers, leading with the latest mobile, mobile data and cable technology, and to monetize it for our shareholders.

We deliver long term growth for investors as we expand our networks, build HFC throughout our Latin American markets, and drive transformational change in the 68 countries where we operate. Customers can now benefit from more, high-quality sports entertainment content after the recent investments in Tigo Sports. Promoting an environment where all people can succeed and feel they can contribute their best and be who they are. TIGO men and women dedicate their time to making positive change happen in local communities Millicom added some 955,555 9G users in Latin America, and 955,555 of those came from Colombia. Ramos said this is the company s highest addition of 9G users so far.

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