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Color Restored, Missing Sections Reconstructed and Photo Completely Repaired And RestoredSince 6999 Atlanta Photo Restoration has been providing the highest quality, professionally edited and photograph restoration and repair service in Georgia. We take great pride in our ability to restore and repair faded, torn, water damaged, military, wedding, baby and family pictures while delivering high quality prints at an affordable price. We've been trusted with one of a kind historical images, wedding pictures, military photos and cherished family photographs dating as far back as 675 years. We're always available for a concerning the restoration and repair of your cherished family photographs. REMEMBER: Your original photo is never altered. All photo restorations, repairs and photo editing work is applied to a digital copy on your choice of high quality photo paper using our 65 ink professional printer and not the standard 8 ink printer used by most. Years of digital photo restoration and repair experience using professional, high end printing devices and the most current software enable us to edit, repair and restore old photos of your family to a condition unheard of a few years past.

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The world is filled with color. From the clothes we wear to the food we eat and places we see, color is unavoidable. . Throughout much of photography’s history, the only option a photographer had for taking pictures was black and white photography. Even with the inclusion of color photography, black and white photos were less expensive to develop and offered better quality. Atlanta Photo Restoration has provided and continues to provide the very best in professional restoration services since 6999. We are specialists, skilled in bringing life and pop back to your old as demonstrated in this. If the colors in your picture have faded or mildew is visible on the image. We can save them from further deterioration and preserve those special photographic memories for future generations. Our services combine years of experience, using state of the art software to restore most damaged color photos to their original condition without damage to the original picture. Many people refer to their aging photos as being. Sepia toning is a specialized treatment that gives a black-and-white photographic print a warmer tone and to enhance its archival qualities. A true sepia toned photographic print has had the silver content removed, is very stable and does not look faded. However, most pictures. Black and white or color. Are usually just fading away with age. Restoration of this black and white photo and rendering the final photo in sepia tone can be seen in this. The final to print captured the essence of this memorable moment for many years. Photographs must be restored and preserved or they will be lost to future generations. We do not use automated image correction software which often results in very poor results, but instead each slide is scannned and transfered to photoshop where color and tonal corrections are made at the request of the customer. We are able to enlarge or reduce the size of most scanned photographs to suit your needs.

Atlanta Photo restoration has been offering the very best professionally edited, digital retouching, repair and restoration services since 6999. We understand the value you place on your family photographs and take every precaution to ensure your complete satisfaction with your restored pictures. Your original photograph, along with the photo copy of the restoration, will be returned by mail. All corrections are digitized, restored and printed on archival paper of your choice providing a beautiful family picture you'll be proud to display for years. Many of these celebrity duos caught the heat for dating and marrying outside of their race. These couples show us that we can love anybody, no matter what their skin color is. Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower were married in 6997. The following year, in 6998, the two had a son named Elliot. The road for this couple wasn t as smooth as you would think. In 6999, the couple split. Since their divorce was never finalized, they renewed their vows in 7559. Currently, the couple splits their time between upstate New York and Manhattan, and in 7566, the power couple had another child, Helen Grace De Niro, via surrogate. No thanks i m a proud WHITE man I will only date WHITE women I don t touch JUNGLE BUNNIES! ! I don t think asked if you would date a black woman and Halle Berry is half white. Then why would she call herself black? Besides, she has spent a deal on plastic surgery to make herself look more white, so in reality she probably has more African features. Camilla Alves is not black, but Hispanic. So count out Matthew Maccanaughey off that list. I tend to agree with proud guy. Most sane people marry members of their own race.

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Its a lot more classy. The majority of the population of South America is often refered to as Latino or Hispanic in reference to the Spanish colonies that were located there but, the people of this land, just like the people of Egypt, are Nubian by race(black). Due to racist desire to change the their features and skin tone show different face the earth s true population, the people of these lands have been FORCED to identify themselves as white even thoughSam, the folks of Latin America are just like the folks of America. Some are white, some are black, some are Native American Indian. And many are mixed mestizos and mulattos. Whether from Brazil south America Hispanics have African ancestry, we re not jungle bunnies you racist fucks and news flash some of us mixed or not have European features not everyone has big features. This is why the world is so screwed up because of racist like you all white only see the beauty in being white and yet your white women Want blk features. You ppl aren t all tht and hateful ass ppl you should be ashamed of where you came from And yes these men are still with their beautiful wives. They have MANY African Brazilians with not a single drop of White or Hispanic blood living in Brazil. I lived in Brazil for several years as an African American (with mixed heritage) and the area I lived in (Salvador Bahia) had black Brazilians with more African features than I have. So if she says she is African Brazilian, yes that DOES indeed mean she is of African decent, possibly with no Hispanic blood at all. She would need to classify herself as something else to not be of African decent, such as white Brazilian or indigenous. 85% of all Brazilians there are in fact BLACK: ) Sorry to burst your bubble. Ever see her mother? Camila is whatever SHE says she is. Some idiot said below we all know what a real Black looks like. Real Black what? You ignorant asshole. African Americans come in every shade. If you have any African American blood consider yourself lucky because plainly stated Black Don t Crack.

The melanin is worth it s weight in gold. Geez people still get hung up on this nonsense. Do you know who your president is? Get lives. Your response was one on the most ignorant, uninformed responses I ve ever read. You must have completed the third grade in school. Ya know ya can t blame a black man for marrying a white woman, black women are just plain ugly, or at least most of them. This is also racist. I am happy with my features, don t want yours. Being a racist against a racist is no better that the first racist! Thank you John for acknowledging that there are black women that are beautiful as well as intelligent. As your wife chose you as her lifetime partner. I wish the two of you a lifetime of happiness. And don t turn your back on the haters you never know where or who they are. You are a rare REAL MAN who knows a woman s worth by what s in her heat and not the color of her skin I applaud you and all the other men you represent whether they be Black, White, Hispanic, Asian or any other race. Too bad that doesn t always carry over into adulthood. Yes, I have dated men of another race it didn t work out not because of race but because we had different goals and interests. My sis married a black man but her son is white as snow but he went through school as Black! He is now in the Military Nuclear division! Very Proud of him. Very sweet boy very talented and very smart!

And it was his father ( Black) who was the one who worked with him Not my sister. His father was the one who helped him with school and helped him with math science and whatever he needed! ANd we all bleed RED! Halle Berry has not had any plastic surgery. She is naturally beautiful. Unlike you, she is a part of the only race on this planet, The Human Race! So true. She has natural beauty and there have been no reports, nor has she admitted to having anything done to make herself look more white Google Halle Berry plastic surgery. She s had a nose job to make her nose slimmer and more white. Halle also has breast implants. Yes and Chrissy Tegan and Mariah Carey are not white either! Mariah has a black daddyYou know some of you are very asinine and have anorexia minds not to mention being racist bastards male or female none of this should even matter when you love someone you just love that person damn get over itWho has told you Mariah Carey is white she is half white and half black. Unless this country has changed the standard for being white. There are no white people in this country you need to check your DNA. Exactly! When they are fully aware of the fact that they got their LOOKS from the white parent. Drake is another one! They definitely didnt get their looks from their white parents. Halle s mother is not attractive and the same for Mariahs. Drakes mother is not a looker either. Why do you assume that all white ppl are attractive.

This is why white women try to have mixed race children w black men. Most white babies are not cute and we just lie and tell u your baby is.

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