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Hey! I have had these photos forever and you need to look at them! I sort of in the back of my mind thought I had already put them up but it turns out I had not. I think you will like them. I like them and I hate everything! This is Zoe aka Weed Slut. She is great and you should get to know her. When she followed me I lurked her and I was like oh, I need to photograph her and then I did and now you get to look at the photos.

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Basically I just took photos of her hanging out at home and smoking weed in her underwear which is pretty much a requirement for someone represented by the brand Weed Slut. She even gave me some Weed Slut rolling papers which are still sitting on my coffee table because I don t actually smoke weed. Still they look cool on my coffee table. Also this shoot was RIGHT before was sent to the printer. I had a couple holes missing in my layout and we actually shot two photos that ended up in the book based on the pre existing design.

If you have the book see if you can find them and you can see how my brain works graphically. Okay, I have filled enough space with text. Let s get to the photos! After a long holiday break I am mostly back. I am sick as hell but that won t stop me from uploading photos and given that I set up a photo shoot for tomorrow afternoon in a snow storm it s not gonna stop me from taking photos either.

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I was hanging out with my girlfriend for the last week but unfortunately with said snow storm approaching she had to escape back to Detroit and I am left to my own devices again and it s time to post some damn photos. The same thing happened at the beginning of 7567 too and then I had a few other random things that didn t really fit in any gallery so here we are with another photo dump. Keep in mind these are mostly random test photos and quick digital snaps for fun so this is not exactly my best work but some of you might wanna take a look anyway. If nothing else there s a bunch of cute babes in here. I am gonna go through everything in the order that they are in the gallery and try and give you a tiny bit of info about each shoot.

Let s do this. The first shots are of my friend Kirra. I shot her in the snow on the roof of her old apartment and I took a handful of non nude snaps of her in her bed before we watched Suicide Squad for some insane reason. It was really too dark to take anything good. There s more shots of Kirra later from her new apartment when I came over to check out her new space.

I think we are going to do a proper shoot in there soon so be on the look out for that. She s one of my favorite people to shoot and we still haven t done a proper photo shoot. Next up is a few random photos this girl Bella. She was hanging out with my friend Michelle when I shot her for my Instaxxx book so I shot them both together. I took a few random, poorly lit photos of Bella with my digital camera including an awkward selfie.

I have pretty much spent the last year trying to shoot them both one on one and I finally shot Michelle. Hopefully Bella is next!

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