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Confused? An exclusion filter allows a flair to be hidden from your browsing experience. Bungie, it is time to add matchmaking to raids (and the weekly heroic / nightfall) ( )I understand the initial point of not having matchmaking. We want to force people to work together, since there was no previous voice chat system the best way to do this was to make the 6 players group up outside of Destiny. This way we can ensure to some degree they will work together. But now we have voice chat. Now we can communicate with anyone we play with. Some say this isn t enough to ensure good teamwork.

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Bungie Still Has No Plans To Add Matchmaking To Destiny

I say so what? If you have bad teamwork and you fuck up the raid, you fail. That s your punishment. Next time be a better team. In failure we learn. On top of this, the lack of matchmaking causes other problems. Some players develop an elitist attitude and won t let other players join a raid team unless they are geared a specific way or at a specific level, or worse, because they haven t raided before (what kind of logic is that? ? ) That s no fun. I still haven t done the raid. I m pretty busy with life right now, so when I play I only usually don t have enough time to search out a raid party. However if there was matchmaking, and I didn t have to search the internet for a party, I could probably find time. Bungie, you don t have to be worried about random strangers not being able to work together. If we have communication (which we now do), we can be a team. The internet was been doing it for years (WoW? ). Heck, that s all our clan is anyway. A group of strangers that came together, with only a title in common. We still work together efficiently, and we still occasionally come across players who DON T work well as a team. But we can handle it, the good and the bad.

And now with the dlc coming, I don t want to not experience a huge part of the story/experience (actually fighting Crota! ! ) because I don t have the time to search out a raid party. When it comes down to it, there is no need to NOT have matchmaking. You re just restricting some of the players from access the already small amount of content we have available to us. It s not like your raid is SO HARD that we HAVE to use perfect teamwork to be able to complete it. From my understanding, once you know what you re doing, you can do the raid in auto-pilot mode. Bungie please, let all team events have matchmaking. Let us play your game. . Edit: Adding this after a night of comments, not sure if people are still even looking at this thread. Your typical matchmaking system might not work for the raid, I accept that. Although I do think it should be added to the weekly/nightfall. People complain about being matched with bad teammates a lot, but I can run through tiger strikes and never have an issue, so I think some of you are exaggerating that problem a bit. But anyway. Bottom line is Bungie needs to do SOMETHING. We shouldn t have to use third-party to find groups. To the extent of my knowledge, no game ANYWHERE relies on third-party for their players to form groups for their game. So maybe typical matchmaking isn t the solution.

Bungie Considering Adding Matchmaking to Destiny Raids

But third-party should never be the solution. I should be able to play your game to the fullest, inside of your game. And remember, anything that is added DOESN T TAKE AWAY YOUR THIRD PARTY OPTIONS. I feel as this is another thing people don t understand. If matchmaking is implemented into the game, your third party choices will still be around. You say so what, you fail with bad communication. This is a big deal though. This would RUIN most peoples view of the raid because most match made groups would absolutely fail. Afk, no mic, trolls, or just random people dropping in to see what all the fuss is about and don t actually have hours to devote to raiding. Now imagine you re the developer if this raid. Do you really want people s impression to be tarnished right off the bat? And don t kid yourself, it would be. It would be a complete clusterfuck for the majority of players. Using LFG gets people communicating right from the start. That little effort goes a very long way. An in game LFG would be great. But typical matchmaking is, has been, and always will a terrible idea. Hence why it isn t in the game in the first place. It just doesn t work with content like the raid. I get that there are solid reasons not to do public matchmaking, but then they need to compensate with other tools.

They have guilds/clans, but no method for organizing them and communicating with those peers in-game. If I have to build my own community to organize and schedule a way to play their game how they want me to, they can at least give me a set of tools to organize and arrange that play, and make my job (which I would argue is actually their job) easier. Tl dr - If not public matchmaking, maybe some kind of semi-private matchmaking or other tool to make raiding more feasible. One of the big things you didn t cover is the fact that matchmaking takes away any form of commitment that you have to a group, so people will drop out consistently. Screw it i ll find a better group and now your left a man short so someone else decides they ll find a new group too instead of doing it with five and now you re down to four. How unbelievably awful would it be to have join in progress on something like this lol. The salt is real 7 points 8 points 9 points 8 years ago Unless it s something you have to manually opt in for, no. Some, like myself, actually enjoy soloing the Nightfall, or attempting the Raid with a smaller team. Adding matchmaking force-stops that as an option. This is all before we start to consider the rampant mouthbreathers, early quitters, trolls, and AFK players you re going to run into in the matchmaking process. I agree there should be a way to control if you want to solo or not. That could be a simple choice on launch screen, like how you choose your difficulty. The salt is real 5 points 6 point 7 points 8 years ago It s still a bad idea. Seriously, as much as it sucks you re better off hitting up DestinyLFG or and seeking out either a sherpa to run with if, or a LF6M group if you really want to raid and not have a bad time. I felt the same way you do about Raid matchmaking at one point, but after having run a few with randoms that assembled in the Tower I can honestly say resorting to matchmaking, assuming it were an available option, should probably only be done in moments of sheer desperation. There are enough issues with randoms in Tiger Strikes, and I m pretty sure you could tie a rubber band to a controller, then let a cat paw at the buttons and you d beat at least a few of those. If time constraints are really and issue you could always post your info under a Sherpa Run posting, exchange messages via console or whatever communication platform works best for both of you, and try to hammer out a time that fits both of your schedules. Most sherpas I ve heard of would be excited at the prospect, and, if their schedule and yours don t align, usually know at least a few others who would be just as willing to run it as well. I don t understand how adding functionality is ever a bad idea. You re viewpoint is 655% correct, and you and anyone like you will always have the option to use third party sites and team up with others who may be more serious about their gaming.

Adding matchmaking would not affect(effect? ) you AT ALL. It would just allow others, who don t use third party, to raid. I don t mind playing with trolls/bad players. They re often funny. I don t mind shitty matchmaking. I m not too worried about randos stopping me from completing the raid. And the best thing is, if I get really frustrated, I can always use third party. The salt is real 6 point 7 points 8 points 8 years ago Like I said in my first response, I have no problem with it being an opt-in feature, but I don t want to see it become forced like it is in the strike playlists. Even then, I would still recommend using one of the available 8rd party venues to get in a team instead. I think discussing pro s/con s is pointless in my opinion Bungie has a vision for the raid and introducing matchmaking would dilute that, so it s not likely to happen. Request it, sure, make your voice heard but don t think that not having matchmaking is somehow detrimental. Everything but raid, I have a regular 9 man group and we PUG the other 7. Fuck that shit, it adds extra time when all I want to do is talk shit with mates and get the job done, thankfully found another permanent 7 the other week. Find a regular team through and your enjoyment of the game will tenfold, it s what I did and now we are all ready to go for the next raid, I should mention we all have different timezones, jobs and babies. All they need to do to make Raid/Nightfall/Heroic matchmaking work is require that players have Maxed Gear and the Level Required for the content. The DLC is practically worthless if you don t raid. Hopefully they will add matchmaking when they realise no one buys the DLC unless they raid, which is probably at least half of the player base (the true player base is not reflected in this sub who all seem to be VOG bad-asses)I have faith in humanity that a raid with randoms would work. I have had plenty of good experiences with randoms on strikes. I have no real interest in the raid, while I m sure it s great I don t really have the time and I m really not interested in social gaming beyond shooting a few random people now and again.

So for me Destiny is basically capped at 79, there really seems no point in me buying the DLC unless there is a way to increase my level without doing raids. At this point I m pretty much looking for a reason to stop playing and go and start on something else. I m currently level 78, should be 79 by the end of the weekend and I think that s when I will be done. However if there was matchmaking for the raid I d certainly give it a go.

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