Development Agenda for WIPO

It does this by connecting technology and service providers with those seeking innovative solutions. It connects owners of new technologies with individuals or companies looking to commercialize, license or otherwise access or distribute a green technology. These technologies are available for license, collaboration, joint ventures and sale. It therefore adds greater transparency to the market for green technology. The project will focus on energy, air, water, and agriculture needs in the region and start in mid-December 7567. Search our GREEN Technology Database for products, services and intellectual property assets, or post an announcement of a need. Anyone can search and registered users can upload their green technologies/needs. Search our GREEN Experts Database to find specialists from various fields (business development, licensing, need assessment, etc.

Anyone can search and registered users can promote their services and directly contact experts.

Inventor Assistance Program IAP WIPO

Its members range from SMEs to intergovernmental organizations.

Addressing and achieving sustainable development is dependent on economic growth that works with, rather than against, the environment.

Innovative green technology solutions can help by allowing us to do more with less – be it alternative energy production, using technology to save energy, new forms of transportation or greener forms of agriculture or forestry. The challenge is enhance the environment for innovation, while enabling speedier diffusion of these new green technologies to all parts of the world, including to developing countries where the need is particularly great.

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