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I m going to reveal what pictures the most popular guys on Tinder use to increase their matches  but first, let s talk about you You re a decent looking guy, but you re still struggling to get matches on Tinder. And most of the matches you do get are fake spam-bots, or girls that you don t really want. The reality is if you can t make it past the first step on Tinder you have no hope. But here s the thing: once you make it past that first step,  the floodgates will rush open Once you figure out how to make a great Tinder profile you ll start getting more matches than you know what to do with. You ll start attracting all of the beautiful kinda girls you re interested in. Luckily, creating a Tinder profile with great pictures is pretty easy to do. The world s most popular guys on Tinder already know these things and are using that knowledge right now to get thousands of matches.

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And that s exactly what I m going to show you in this post In just a matter of minutes you can copy the success tactics of others and create a great Tinder profile one that attracts the beautiful kinda girls you re interested in. I know you re excited to find out what makes a great Tinder profile so let s get into it I used to spend days and weeks testing different Tinder photos and analyzing the results but not this time. This time I did pretty much the same thing as flicking straight to the back of a math workbook and looking up the answer. These guys and girls are the top 6% of Tinder users the cream of the crop. I m not talking about Tinder profiles that get 755 matches a week I m talking about ultra-popular people on Tinder who are getting thousands  of people liking their Tinder profile every day!

To get to this point they must be doing something right it s not luck Because when you look closely through the profiles of the most popular people on Tinder you ll notice they all have things in common. These successful photo characteristics have taken them to the top and they can do the same for you. All you need to do is copy what they re doing copy the answers and you re going to start getting more matches. Facial expressions, the best Tinder picture types, social indicators, photo filters and much more  you can copy all of the techniques from Tinder s most popular guys and start getting yourself more Tinder matches today. I thought you might want to know how we found the most popular guys on Tinder It let s you choose how you want to filter the profiles that it shows you.

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That means you can see the profiles that are killing it on Tinder the profiles that you re going to emulate for your very own Tinder success. Together with the ability to change Tinder location on Tinder Plus, it means you can set your location to anywhere in the world and see who the most popular people are. Unfortunately, the Tinder blend feature is currently in a testing stage and isn t yet available in the United States. But because I m part of the testing group (it s being tested in Australia),  I m able give you an early glimpse of Tinder s most popular guys and the Tinder profile strategies that they re using. That means you can get a jump start and begin using these Tinder strategies before anyone else!

Edit: The very useful Popularity Blend function that I used to peer into Tinder s elite user base and get these findings was later scrapped by Tinder. It never made it past Tinder s testing phase in Australia. It was good while it lasted. Users who receive the most likes on Tinder are good looking looking people.

Actually they re very  good looking  a lot of the most popular guys are models: It s no wonder that attractive people are most popular we all find physical beauty irresistible because it s hardwired in our nature. When we see a beautiful face it actually  It does the same thing to our brain as does addictive substances (think chocolate or drugs). Now, we can t change how beautiful we are, but for us average-looking guys there are still important points we can take from this so we can get more Tinder matches Because attractiveness is rewarded so strongly on Tinder, you absolutely need to make sure your profile photos  maximize your looks. There s no use writing a hilarious and witty essay in your Tinder bio trying to convince people you re a great guy   it s a waste of time.

Your bio is a great tool for starting conversations and encouraging girls to message you first, but it won t move the needle when it comes to matches. When it comes to getting more quality Tinder matches it s how you look in your photos that matter most.

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