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I beg make i hear word, the woman brought shame to woman-hood. Cheating on her husband was worst enough and then doing it with not just 6 but 7 of her junior colleagues, haba, that s the height of promiscuity and anybody giving excuses for her under any guise should have their heads examined. Privacy my foot, pictures of a nude Prince Harry of England was awash on the internet just last week, so what privacy are we talking about for a Jezebel of a married woman banker who is so possessed. Abi the thing na food? And for the lover boy, except he want to claim intimidation and fear of job loss, what on earth will push you into such rofo rofo fight cos i can see anything alluring in this hag of a woman. Of all the pretty, fresh, tasty young girl in town, why this grandma. He too must be sick cos if at first he was being intimidated into the act, now that the woman is looking else where, he should be happy for being delivered and move on! This shameless nutty woman is a disgrace to woman race, motherhood and the entire matrimony and should be thrown stone to death.

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For those of you that is supporting her, i know you are all birds of the same feathers and your Waterloo is around the corner. I pray these pictures get to the mother-in-law and the entire family of her husband. The children should disown her because she does not deserve to be called a mother. The most annoying part is that, this adulterous useless nothing but a flirt dog that called herself a woman will return home complaining to her husband that she worked late and was tired. I pray this gets to her management at work so that she can gets the reward of her infidelity and her sinful act.

Com i have something to tell u about ur pictures that re posted on the internet and also something to tell you about that stupid guy that posted ur pics on internet, pls contact now and let get these pics cll clear from the netThe original source of the pictures has been exposed, the woman is not a nigerian, view the full picture and videos at www. 665bits. ComThe original source of the pictures has been exposed, the woman is not a nigerian, view the full picture and videos at www. Net#cialis]CheapCialisAstra[/url] *qm5655 ^ [url=http: //viagrafrancepharma.

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Net#viagra pharmacie]viagra pfizer[/url] #ly9567 %There s one reason why Nigerians can never get things right they are wicked people. Filled with envy or jealousy against their innocent brothers and sisters. The lady shouldn t worry. If your husband asked you to leave because of this. Please leave him and find out ways to get here in US.

I will assist you if you want. Just go to the US embassy Abuja, ask of Francis Adulu, Francis will link you to me and i will make sure you are here, possibly a Citizen of United States. Some harlot will will support this evil woman. The bible says the MATRIMONIAL BED do not defile, well is becurse people dont respect God, you that wants to take her to us, you want your own short, if not why? If she is your wife sleeping with your house boy will you support her?

That is the pride of her husband, now she has expose it to her workers and the whole world, when her kids grow, they will never forgive her. Shameless idolt calling herself a woman, bringing bad image to respectable women hood. Women should learn how to give themselves and their bodies respect, in club, they will dance nude, performing on the stage with an artist, they will be nude while the guy will dress in suit. NawaaooooooooooWhen the woman that was caught in the act of adultery was brought before Jesus. Her accusers wanted her stoned to death for the sin she committed.

But Jesus, wrote on the ground and latter asked the crowed. He who has no sin let him cast the first stone.

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