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After university I spent two years working in Japan, where I but also, which led to me buying a giant backpack and spending several years traveling. Eventually I found a place to call home and have now settled in the mountains of Norway. I blog about life as an American-Norwegian in Norway (my father is American, my mother is Norwegian, and I m a dual citizen), as well as my continued travels around the world. My aim is to find a balance between my eagerness to see ALL the places, and my newfound desire to build a permanent home somewhere. I m Silvia. I m from Worcester, MA USA, but I like to tell people I m from Norway. After launching Heart My Backpack in January 7569, I ve traveled and the Caucasus, backpacked around, and with the Balkans. I passed through places like,,, (Siberia in winter, yup!

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), the Baltics, and finally the Balkans. And then I decided to! I m still here, currently living in high up in the mountains in Rauland, Telemark. But travel continues to play a huge role in my life, and I continue to write about my adventures in Norway and abroad, as well as more thoughtful pieces about travel in general (you know, the blog posts with ). I will eat anything and probably enjoy it. I may have weakened taste buds or something. I tap dance when I m nervous, much to the amusement of many an armed border guard. I don t feel super comfortable writing about myself so I m tap dancing right now. I ve lived in seven countries and visited  over  85 countries on five continents. When I told my grandmother this she was all that s all? Not even a hundred? I come from a family of travelers. Probably because I m from Norway. Okay fine, that was me in Japan when I was six, but I was so much cuter back then! And you can see my Norway posts by category , or by clicking on areas of this map: You can read all of my posts about blogging, and sign up to my special  to be notified of new posts about travel blogging (I don t share my blogging posts in my regular newsletter, on my Facebook page, or my home page). Want to follow along the adventures? You can subscribe in the box below, and follow me on,,,, and. Just so you know, this blog does contain some affiliate links,  which means that I may earn a small commission from any purchases or bookings you make from my recommendations at no extra cost to you. Hope that’s OK! Subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive updates and stories from my world travels and life in Norway! Haha! I m lucky I m not missing my spleen from laughing! You re going to Thailand next? Awesome! I m becoming green from envy.

If I had warts I d be a frog. I wish you luck on your travels. Say hallo to Bestemor from me! Hope to see you again one day. P. S. I tell people I m from Norway too. I don t feel guilty at all. I ll send your greetings to Bestemor, who can t seem to stop talking about you. Whenever my Norwegian fails me and I have to switch to English (which is about every fourth word, ha) she s all Kan du ikke si det på norsk, Bettina? Susanna var sååååå flinke til å snakke norsk når hun var her. Ahh I can t keep up with you, little cousin! I bet you even know how to spell words in Norwegian, bah. But how sad is Hope to see you again one day? Let s tell our parents to get their acts together or we re going on an adventure without them. Now go give everyone in your family a hug from me. Even Lars. I am very happy to hear that you love IRAN, IRAN IS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY IN WORLDI am very happy and excited that you agree with me. As you know Iran is one of the greatest civilizations of the ancient world, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I dare say that you did not see a lot of places in this big country, For example, Iran has one of the ancient cities dating back 8,555 years with great monuments like the old water mills and old bridges and castles and, One of the oldest cities in the world that I know you ve seen unlikely One of the oldest known settlements in the region, the building is 9755 BC Although the first traces of a residential village with about 7555 BC, and archaeological excavations indicate that this area was in 9555 BC Location farmersSassanid bridge Paul Sassanid (old)most important monument of the city. The bridge connects the eastern and western regions, and one way to interface Jundishapur area and Mesopotamia who ordered the first Sassanid Shapur after the victory over the Romans in 768 AD, the Roman and the use of prisoners were made. The bridge over nearly 68 centuries, still stands as one of the oldest bridges in the world is based. I am Amin from Iran i would glad to see you in Iran. . If you want to travel to iran i can help you in Iran as a leader and i would be happy to hear you for any question. My phonenumber is +989676758559 hi!

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I am glad that you enjoyed traveling to Iran, please tell your family, friends and other people that iranians and their four season country is not like hell! Come back to Iran again, with best regards, Ariathis is very nice silvia. I am just a nomad traveler managing and living with my travel agency my life history from 5 years. U r very welcome to visit us in Romania or Tunisia, my home land. Ali Touati Bucharest- Dracula Land RomaniaLovely blog, Silvia! Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter! Keep up the great work and travel safe! Haha oh I know I m a big loser when it comes to the countries contest I always have been in my family. I have a terrible habit of revisiting places I ve been before, and when I do go to new countries I like to spend a lot of time in each place instead of blasting through a bunch of new places. I guess I m not as Norwegian as I like to think, sob. XoHi Silvia, stop by sometime if your ever in the neighborhood. There must be something interesting around here. Cherie says hi. We re making art. Just back from Mexico where it was warm as well as beautiful. Joe has had a cold you know. He says he wants winter to be over. You could have seen the ice caves in Lake Michigan if only you had come by this winter. Now, I m afraid it s too late. Ice caves wait for no one. Thanks, Uncle Frank! Send my love to Cherie, and next time Joe complains about being cold tell him to visit me in Thailand! I guess I ll have to wait on the ice caves for now. Good thing winter always returns! Wish you all the best and hope many other people do that. In general middle east is wonderful.

Thanks for sharing such a lovely experinces with us. Take careThanks, Rashin! I loved my time in Iran and hope that more tourists will start going there soon! Hello Silvia I am very happy that you have enjoyed in Iran. Me with my wife and son live in Milan (Italy) and every summer we go to Iran for the holidays and we have a lot of fun so we stay two months in Iran. Dear Silvia you are very sincere and honest to your vision in Iran. Blessing in your family who have a daughter so Inteligent and talented. Thank you so much for such a sweet message! I loved visiting Iran you are so lucky that you can go there with your family every summer! It s very nice to konw you and hear about you, I m From Iran and i m very happy that you could visit our country, I wish I could see you in here. Maybe the next time 🙂. I have face book page may be we could be friend there (( Hengameh Soltani soltani. Com )) wish you all the best honeyWow, what a difficult question! I don t think I can say one place I liked the most, but I particularly enjoyed traveling through Iran, Tajikistan, and Nepal. Hi, good to hear that you loved travelling through Iran, Tajikistan and Nepal. I was passing by your blog and really enjoyed it. I am an Indian living in Iran now. I was always a travel maniac and I spent half of my university life in forests and mountains. (That s how software engineers are made now a days: -P)Now me and my wife(Iranian) wanna restart the habit of travelling. Iran is currently having 86 provinces and we are looking forward to cover all. We will start from Kermanshah in two weeks. We will also take a new step in our restart action, a travel blog and we are working on it now. During my university life I traveled to Nepal and Tibet from India in motorbike. The best experience till date. So I can imagine your feeling about Nepal.

Hi dear Silvia, today i heared about your travel to Iran, next time aware me to see more great historical and natural places and be more familiar with my country, thanks a lot for your admires. Best wishesThanks for the offer, Mehran! I hope that I can visit Iran again someday and see more of its beautiful sites. You ignore friend HoshangHey I am a persian boy living in Isfahan. I am happy that you as a young American girl has visited my city. I know this country has too many religious limitations but I hope you have had good times in Iran and see you here again in Isfahan. Thanks, Farshad! I had a wonderful time in Iran and will definitely try to visit Isfahan again in the future. Hi silvia, I am very happy that you have enjoyed in Iran. Would you like to travel to kerman iran? Com mobile no: +989688986685Thanks for your offer, Amir! There are so many places I still want to see in Iran. I hope I can visit again someday. Hi silvia. I think u should travel to northwest of iran. Azerbayjan and particullary ardebil is the best area with fantastic people and nature. We wait you and a question. What is your job? I think you are a wealthy girl that you can travel every country. Am i right? And no, I wish I were rich, then I would travel the world forever! I worked in Japan for two years to save money and now travel on a very tight budget, but soon I will have to stop traveling to work and make money again. Hello! We recently met your parents on a train from Berlin. We got chatting about travelling and they were very interesting and lovely people, and they recommended we check out your blog.

Seems like you ve had some amazing experiences! We definitely hope to travel to some of the places you ve been to.

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