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This mod is simply indispensable if you use a autoaim mode. It significantly expands and complements its capabilities. In addition, it shows the name and type of the captured target. I used the 9. 69 version of this and really liked it. Unfortunately, the 9. 65 version caused lots of problems, including crashes to desktop and wot settings/key bindings just not working. I think it needs patching!

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Too many bells and whistles with this version. First: Autoaim now imports player stats and the tank name is reflected in color. The bad thing: your teammates who are tomatoes are shown in red and you think that they are an enemy tank. Next problem mid match crashes. Third problem, it changes my carousel without my permission. Please clean it up. Get it back to the old vanilla snap to auto aim. I agree with Ranger777 (and the others) A really, really awesome little mod have become a bit bloated and very unrealible in 9. 65. I am very sad over this. The 9. 65 version is actually a copy of the author s modpack and not the vanilla autoaim+. That explains the bells and whistles. The vanilla version is less than 6MB, so the 67 MB download includes all the undesirable stuff. Version 9. 69. 5. 6 works fine with 9. 65 + Like most of the old mods Hey Krzysztof, will you please please make this autoaim snap for the newest version 5. 9. 6 in the simple form as you had it for 9. 69? Just the indication and snap, nothing more. I really can t play without this mod as well as a lot of my friends and clanmates. Thanks! I feel the same way. Hard to play without this mod which is the only one I still use. Console WOT autoaim works like this. I’ve never understood why the feature is on console but not PC. Please put up a new version of Autoaim indication snapping without anything extra. Totally agree with Keyjay. Not sure why you would complicate something so elegant and simple. If you can turn off everything but autoaim, i d install his modpack. Hopefully it doesn t come to that. Do we know if this author is still active with mods or the game? Is this mod contained in any of the other mod packs?

Is it there? The file I see is 9. 65 but he said he posted the new version. In version 9. 66 is in conflict with the keyboard you can not move or shoot. I found the same error, but happened when mixed with other addon (the one that shows you on minimap the cannon directions). Check out that. One bug. . The name of the targeted tank in yellow is right over the reticle. Can it be move to below like before? Can you please post the 9. 67 file found at this link for non-EU players: Im trying to get the mod auto aim plus for 9. 67 NOT an aimbot just the one with the bigger capture range which helps negate my arthritic hands any ideas please? ? It looks like that functionality has been taken out of the mod anyway. You can read the note at the top of the thread here: Non EU players have never been able to download it from the EU forums, so many download it here. So, while this page has not been updated with the latest version that will work with 9. 67. 56, does it really matter if the snapping no longer works? I m not sure what else the mod does, but I used it for the snapping. Now even the late Dec version does not work any longer. Are you going to update, or is it over? ¿este es mi mod favorito no deja rastro alguno en los replay cuando lo actualizaran? This mod was sourced from the Chinese Community Forums and is under development by MeltyMap. Adapted to the world of tanks 9. 75. 6. 9sir may I ask if you can make a color green crosshair of this? Thx! And also the meters. My friend is asking color blind mode because he is color blind. Sorry for my englishYour mod is awesome, but now on update 9. 5, game crashes after first screen shows! Please help me if you can to solve my problem and continue to use this mod! P.

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S. 66 folder, and with those files its not working. May I ask when an update to this sight may be uploaded? I m usually not one to prune mod authors/uploaders, but this mod is one of the most elite sights I ve come across~Your mod is fantastic. How about a 8. 5 update. Great job! ! The mod came with a no scroll ability, or xml file rather. Remove it in your gui folder, its name is noScroll. 5 your mod. It is the work of geniusNice all functions are online now and i can use it THX a lot! The best Mod i have ever seen! Great mod: the color needs to be a bit darker: desert maps hard to see. Or you could change the button of increased control to E keycould specify the function of each folder the following readme of the modscan anyone tell me if this mod has been fixed yet for 8. 5? Yes, it has been fixed. When 8. 5 came out this page still had 5. 5 out. The camera zoomout portion of that mod broke in 8. Shortly afterwards, however, 5. 6 was released without the zoomout portion and works perfectly with 8. I cannot zoom out. I am running no mods except for this one MeltyMap’s MathMod 5. 6 for WoT 8. Please help. Thank you. I have problem with this mod I can not use it because my game closes by itself all the time, as soon as I go in and check tank tree so close it off my game. It also shuts off when I should go in and see what I can upgrade my tank. Please help me solve this problem. I’ve even try others of your mods and have the same problem. Some info also is that I’m running the game on Swedish. And I’m running with nvidia graphics card. Tronix again thats a BUG in the nvidia drivers. Look at the wot forums for fks sakeMany thanks for this MeltyMapsMathMod this has shown me alot of information and has improved my game play 6fold, allbeit, it is a help mod but you would get all the real information in a real tank just like this, brings the game into more realism gameplay, have noticed alot in the last 5 games of installing this, gongrats on a very good mod.

REP POINT ADDED TO YOU: )remove control_modes. Pyc in MeltyMapsMathMod. Why i can t see the penetration indicator and i can t un-zoom? Perfect mod but actual i can only zoom to factor 8 in 5. 8. Any Solutions for that? Works great but why is the zoom factor up to only x8? Any solutions to that? Hi. Where to copy the vehicle name readme file? ThanksHey, Really enjoy the mod, though the 8. 6 version doesn t seem to have a working armor pen thingyI also have the Problem with the disfunctional Armor Penetration info. Whereever i am aiming it gives me a 655/655 Value. The Crosshair Color change works though. I have to combine this sight with certain zoom mode. But I still love MM s 9-8-66x zoom! And I got 655/655 problem too lel. But it s still okay for now, it still show enemy s armor in green/red 😛Please rework the load indicator! Make some sort of big green blob that lights up immediately a shell is loaded, and stays lit until you fire. Other than that -Great mod! This 6. I removed the BattleTimer. Swf file and it is still conflicting. I get to the load screen and it never enters battle. Any other suggestions on how to make it work? How did you fix this? Same thing happening on mine would like to know, thanksI know it s been a long time but I wanted to apologize for not answering you. Love this mod. I would just ask that you make the light blue colors of this mod easier to see. The light blue is a little TOO light making the sights and numbers very difficlut to see at times, otherwise an amazing mod sir. Without doubt, the best WoT mod out there, I love it! These days it s the only mod I use, but I do have a couple of requests for additional features: 6) Tank model names appearing on mini-map. I ve seen this in other mods and it gives you a quick overview of the battlefield so you can identify weakspots and enemy movements, not just locations. 7) A hull direction line on the mini-map. You ve already got a directional line for the turret, could you include one for the hull as well? It helps me steer better!

Test is working for me, but i cant modify anything since all config files are in russian letters. The armour does not affect him penetration attribute (nem teljesen m? K? Dik m? G)works but: 65 zooms are to much, 9/8/66/85 would be fine and zoom couldnt be switched with mousewheel. Would be nice to fix this. Big thx to u guys 😉The ingame real time clock meant is the clock in the upper right corner in a battle (if i m correct). Now work! Fantastic! But can you insert the armour mod like Melty 8. 6, and gigant minimap when we push Ctrl? Can you bring it to full functionality, thanks works so far but not at allArmor indicator (my own tank) in bottom center is missing. Need i turn it on? Cant fix it. And clock in hangar is in russian language. Minimap zoom (ctrl) i fixed with xvm mod configurator. Use the old 8. 6 MeltyMapProtractorSetting. Xml in gui/flash for 8. 7 (delete the 8. 7 one)Working. But: hitfeedback / damage indicator is missing and remove the clockThx Cyril for the adaptations! I found that the combination NoScroll = True and the extra zooms don t work together (did work in 8. 6). Any idea how come? I liked this addon mainly duo to the rulers on the arty showing me how much space i had the zoom higher then 66 is abit too much if you ask me, cant wait until its working properlyWhoa, folks, leave him be. The author is most probably some college senior writing his thesis or a father of two kids or both. In other words, he might have a real life. Honestly: either be patient until it s done, or quit playing WoT, learn XML and flash programming and update the mods yourselves. Delete NoScroll in gui file. And zoom will be working correct. BTW if u want delete clock-its russian language there delete logos in flash file. Enjoy. Is it able to get back the recoil when shooting? I don t like the no-recoil thing as it does not feel as good when shooting with big things.

F**k you need NoScroll. Please fix it. Pls read other comments before posting it is explained 9-5 times in the last 7 days.

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