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As you probably know by now, there s a Sherman Fury in the game (a tier 6 premium medium tank). It s being sold on ASIA server (not sure about the US, it s not on EU yet however). It is no secret that the Fury E8 has quite different armor layout than the regular Sherman E8 (we are talking about the elite turret now). Let s make a quick comparison. This is the regular E8 (in Fury-corresponding configuration): The biggest change however happened to the turret. On the pictures above, you can see how the mantlet covers the entire frontal of the turret in both cases. But there s a catch.

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Check this out this is the regular E8 Sherman turret, with the mantlet (in both cases 89mm thick) removed: In words the old E8 basically has an 89mm mantlet over 76, 7mm frontal turret armor, giving the deep violet zone a protection level of 665, 7mm mostly. The Fury on the other hand has a giant hole behind the 89mm mantlet, which means that most of the frontal turret has only 89mm protection. Additionally, compared to the new model, the upper part of the turret (above the mantlet) was nerfed from 76, 7mm to 99, 5mm. Together, this all means that the Fury turret is MUCH easier to penetrate than the old E8 turret. Additionally, the Fury is 9 tons heavier (this is unhistorical according to Hunnicutt by cca 6 ton), gun depression nerfed from -67 to -65 (historical) and has lower maximum speed (nerfed to 96, 8 km/h, this is historical). But is the armor nerf historical? Is there a really such a hole in real life? Yup. There is. So, why was it modelled differently until now? Well, two reasons really. Things have changed since then, the boundaries between lines have blurred. French are no longer the only ones with autoloaders, Germans don t have long range fighting exlusivity in the game anymore and not all Americans have tough turrets. What this however means for us is the fact that when the original E8 gets reworked to the HD standard, its armor will probably change to resemble the current Fury layout. According to Storm, it will not happen anytime very soon, but it will happen at some point. So be ready. So in other words. . The E8 will probably nerfed to Fury standards when it gets reworked to HD. Well thats bad news for E8 fans like me. 67pdr is a nice gun but the Firefly only had like 5 degrees depression historically. I think I d rather have the Achilles myself, M65 with 67pdr. I don t wanna give up the Sherman s depression:

(yeah, nerf easy eight so no one will be playing it, only stronk russian tenks. Are battles filled with easy eights? Nope, if I would have to point out any tier VI medium that requires nerf hammer it would be the Cromwell the new favourite tou of statpadders (after Hellcat/T68/KV6S nerf (well, the KV-85 655 mm replaced the last one). Seriously, a popular tank OP tank, and Cromwell is way more popular than other meds on its tier. Easy 8 is really fine and fun to drive tank. But it has 6 major flaw it loves being on the bottom of the list IMHO. Like 75% battles. Easy eight )Indeed MACK, it always being on the bottom of the list for most of the time. Tl dr: learn the difference between popular and OP. Cromwell is fine as it is. When those Tank WR vs Player WR graphs first came out, the Cromwell was one of the first graphs that I first noticed. It scales to WR better than almost any T6 tank. The better a player you are, the better you can exploit its speed and dpm. I really enjoyed the t-89-85, it seemed suffecient to fight tier 7s, struggled with 8s, but was a beast against 6s. I wish I had kept it and plan on buying it back eventually. Wow a gun depression nerf to -65, lower maximum speed of 96, 8 km/h and a complete armor rehaul? WG has to pull something out of it s hat to make that thing even remotely playable/enjoyable after that: /What it will pull out of its hat is the the general ignorance of casual players, who will buy it without thinking about this sort of stuff, plus special missions to go with the tank (already announced on US server). And explain to me why should I think about this sort of stuff? I don t give a crap about this sort of stuff. I have money so I will buy it(and I will buy $99 package) and I will play it any way I want to. Why? Because I can and I like it.

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This is just a video game. You want to get serious about that stuff go play company, clan or you can even join the army. I take it ur a baddie. We care because most players want to win games and be successful at the game, be GOOD, but a baddie like u has to justify being a baddie so u say u just play for fun and dont care. U r dispicable. Are you on drugs m8 if the tanks in this game looked crap or werent the tanks i want to play, i wouldnt play them i dont play french tanks coz i dont like the way they look, i dont play td s because i dont like the way they look. I played the british line first, because im british and i like the way they look. Does that make me a baddie? ? Regardless. These kind of fights are silly and pointless. Just let people play a GAME for fun. Master_Deathdealer should know by the name LMAO. But Seriously Really Baddie? Baddie? Who uses that? How old are you 9 years old, 7 years old. Who the Hell uses Baddie to describe a player. Makes you sound like a Douchey Little boyI agree, not sure what they are thinking. I am glad they are making it historical but they should give it preferential mm in order to make it effective. Because that is not related to historical accuracy. The main point of this post is: get ready historical overhaul is coming. Same goes for mobility (terrain resistance changes).

In that case, you missed one moment Fury`s turret is stock E8 turret and has 76 mm M6A7 which cannot be mounted in the stock E8 turret Additionally, the Fury is 9 tons heavier (this is unhistorical according to Hunnicutt by cca 6 ton), 88.656 tons for a loaded Easy 8 vs 89. 99 for Fury. A difference of about. 88 tons, which I feel is still believable with those logs mounted on itAh, thank you. Some Russians whined about it being too heavy, so I had a look in Hunnicutt and there was a 6 ton difference compared to combat weight. There s still the issue of the implemented Easy 8 s weight though, that s 85. 77, 86. 77 in it s heaviest config with the derp gunGlad someone does good research. It s sad to see people opening their mouth and pretending to be historical guru s when they don t even bother reading the book they are quoting. Good to know. So the Sherman Fury will be something I will *not* spend money for. I will not either, but as I was planning on buying $99 on gold, I get the tank for free, just like I did with the KV-775. It s nice to have historical accuracy but it s also good to have something competitive within its tier. Also I never once used the e8 and thought this tank has nice bouncy armor. As a medium, your objective is to support the heavies or hold a flank and above all not be shot. I somehow don t remember, that I have bounced an E8, or someone did a bounce to my tank. If you want armor, go play Jumbo in that thing with stock turret I tanked the Tiger quit well. Lol I need to try that thing out some day. When I finish my other 7 grinds I have going on. FYI Fury was available at 7 AM EDT today on the US server. Bought it at 7: 56 and have run 8 games in it. Not bad! Not quite as good as standard E8 but certainly workable and fun.

Does the jumbo have the same huge hole in real life? If it does then they may ruin one of my favorite tier 6s. Whoa, I have to take a picture. Someone who (based on statement) uses the 76mm with the Jumbo and not the derp? If that really is the case, then you sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. The only time I regret not using the 655mm derp is when I come across an amx 55 655. Those things are scary. I appriciate the will to make the tanks more historical in terms or armour layout, especially when they played important part during wartime. In E8 case that means (when it get s its collsion model changed with the HD rework) it will be a pretty noticable nerf of the turret, reducing the possiblity for tanking in hull down. This will have to be compensated with some buffs in other areas obviously options are mobility or gun. Mobility is already a strong point (hence I don t think balancers will buff it much in this regard), so possibly it will be made in gun department propably better soft stats, DPM but could this be enough? Considering the $655 package gives you 75k gold—and that s what you pay for the 75k gold package normally—you basically get the Fury and its slot/crew as a free bonus when you buy that package. Not a bad offer at all if you re a regular player who knows they re going to be spending that amount of gold anyway over the next year. Also, I can confirm it is available to buy and use on the NA server right now. Not bad if you have some self control and don t spend all the gold in one month. Sadly I remember how my I will never need to spend any more pre order package went. : (US tanks are always nerfed by WG s sense of obligation to historical accuracy. Russian tanks are always buffed for balance reasons. It is total bullshit. Cool story, bro But actually, german tanks are always the sucking ones (with only one exception for the whole time WT E655)Either way one day everyone wakes up that they are tired of the whole scene of biased nerfing/buffing, gets feed up, and moves on to another game at some point. You spend time and money, and then one day you finally get feed up, and realize, hey, I ve had enough of this cyber tweaking, and the unfairness. And some give up tanks completely, and look for other Genre s all together. Until one day, some one comes out with another tank game concept all together, or a purely American Firm decides to get in on the Act with its own game.

You know, what you just said is exactly what people have been saying for the last 8 years.

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