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Update 9. 68 is off for its Common Test, introducing five new Tier X light tanks and major balance changes to their respective branches. These changes mark the transition to the regular 7 matchmaking for them, which should bring light tanks on par with other classes. Light tanks gain a boost in firepower, gearing them up for close- and mid-range combat. (Head over to the 9. 68 announcement to read up on the reasoning behind the changes to light tanks. )Forging ahead, we ll be providing you with more details on them, one nation at a time. This week, we ll take a deeper look at the changes to the U.

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S. R line. Swift and virtually invisible, the Т-55 rolls out to Tier V and no longer suffers from poor firepower. Its 95mm gun now sports better penetration, damage-per-shot values, and reload time. The forwards/reverse speed was improved, too, making it easier to outmaneuver another enemy scout and take it down.

Mobile enough to be where you need it to be and with camo values to hide in plain sight, the МТ -75 stays at Tier VI. It can now fight as a decent counter scout and shred other light tanks and arty thanks to the addition of a new top 76 mm gun, superior to the 57 mm ZiS-9 in terms of damage per shot and penetration values. The 57 mm comes with better damage per minute and easier gun handling, though. Residing on Tier VII is the first of two new Soviet light tanks: the LTG (Govalov s light tank).

Quite odd in design, it compensates for it with firepower and the best in its class camo values, which makes it fairly interesting to play. And that turret comes with decent armour. Thanks to excellent mobility, the LTG can race around the map, while its low silhouette makes it extra hard to hit from afar. If you enjoy playing light tanks, you re likely familiar with the swift and well-protected LTTB (Tier VIII). Accurate and extremely mobile, this scout retained its trademark camo, speed, and view range, but also got a larger HP pool of 6555.

The T-59 ltwt. Was reworked for HD and moved up a tier. It now has a slightly better view range and increased firepower (higher penetration with AP shells). And with it comes more gameplay variety: not only is it great at spotting enemies, it now has what it takes to bite back and can make a difference in a battle, if played well.

For the Tier X newcomer, the Т-655, we hand-picked the best characteristics of the Soviet LT branch (great mobility, excellent camo values, low silhouettes) and combined them with the best armor among light tanks. It can live through hazardous situations, while its compact size (the smallest of the newcomers) allows it stay hidden. The T-655 is at its best when actively scouting or in maneuverable, close-range engagements thanks to its superb gun stabilization and rate of fire. What happens to modules, XP, Crew, emblems and camo you have on light tanks? Configuration:

If you have vehicles that changed a Tier in 9. 68 and they are researched to the top configuration, they retain it upon changing.

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