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The answer to, Is Alex Rodriguez dating wrestler Torrie Wilson? , appears to be yes – and sealed with a kiss. Wilson, a former wrestling diva and a 7559 Playboy cover model, and the New York Yankees star shared some quality face time together Tuesday night as the Los Angeles Lakers played the Houston Rockets in L. A. Clearly not shy about their feelings for one another, they had a little company during their private moment. Besides the 69,555 hoops fans inside the Staples Center, the couple were sitting with another glam couple, supermodel Cindy Crawford and her husband, upscale club owner Rande Gerber. According to various sightings, A-Rod and Wilson, both 86, were together quite a lot over the holiday season, managing visits to Cabo San Lucas and Miami before Christmas. Early last week, the two were also seen working out in the same gym in Wilson s Idaho hometown of Boise, according to local TV anchor Mike Murad, who of Rodriguez on an exercise bike.

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And, just for the record, when they weren t kissing Tuesday night, Rodriguez, Wilson Co. Watched as the Lakers licked the Rockets, 658-99. We built Smooch to empower software makers to create the conversational experiences their customers will love. The Smooch team brings together years of experience building messaging products and business-to-business software companies. We believe that personal interactions at scale should be the primary form of communication between a business and its customers, bringing delightful experiences to the forefront, so that’s how we run Smooch. In everything we do, we strive to build the best possible product and empower our customers to grow and be successful. This is the fabric of our culture and the framework behind everything we do as a team and a company. Heads up, they tend to be contagious. We work tirelessly to remain a dynamic force and be ahead of the curve. We’re knocking down the walls and humanizing how we speak to each other, always in respect. We re always looking for smart, creative people to join our team and have opportunities and career paths of all kinds. We are engineers, designers, hackers, cat-lovers, gamers and jack-of-all-trades who love what we do. We re creating a work environment where employees can dream big, have fun and flourish.

We encourage flex hours, fearless experimentation and collaboration. Our friendly culture and purpose is ultimately what really sets us apart. We thrive on working hard and playing well, sharing our wins and owning our failures. 7567 Smooch Technologies Inc. Level 67, 5888 Avenue Casgrain, Montreal, Canada H7T 6X8 Smooch! Studio was born to empower women of all ages, making them feel confident, sexy and adventurous about their makeup. After working with thousands of faces over the years, founders Nicole and Kendra Knight and the Smooch! Team will take the guesswork out of makeup and put the fun back in! At Smooch! , three major factors set us apart from all others: Ingredient Integrity. What s NOT in your products is just as important as what IS. K.


I. S. (Keeping It Smart and Simple). The amount of industry techniques out there is overwhelming. Don t waste your time guessing what your face needs and how to make it happen. We simplify all of the makeup artist tricks, and teach you how to use them in your daily routine. Custom, Anyone? We re not another chain making carbon-copy faces. Each woman we work with is an individual from the inside out. Each week a different product or product category is buy one, get one free! Be the first to know about our special in-store promotions. Kevin Durant finished with 86 points, 66 rebounds, seven assists and one smooch. A woman sitting courtside named Peggy Mizono was hit in the head by an errant pass, so Durant and Jordan Bell ran over to her to make sure she was okay.

Durant, however, went above and beyond, leaning over and planting a sweet little smooch on her forehead. KD kissed a fan on the head after she got hit in the face with the ball The crowd loved it, and started raucously cheering for Durant. But Durant didn t do it for any praise he was genuinely concerned about Mizono. She got hit pretty hard, Durant said after the Warriors 667-97 win over Dallas. When he threw the pass, I was like, Oh, this is going straight for her face. It hit her pretty hard. She had glasses on, so I m sure that hurt. I just wanted to come over there because she didn t want to open her eye. She thought she had a cut on her eye. I told her it s all good, gave her a kiss and hopefully she s all right. During the game, Warriors coach Steve Kerr heard all of that laughter and applause, but didn t realize it was because Durant had made his greatest move of the night, maybe the season. Is that what happened, Kerr said. I heard everyone laughing was it KD?

That s awesome, that s good. Yeah, that was scary. I saw the play happen and it looked like the woman was not aware the ball was coming her way and it hit her pretty hard. Glad she s okay. And it was nice of KD to make her feel better. Kevin Durant has been playing incredible basketball in Stephen Curry s absence. Want to read what the Warriors have to say about his play and his character? Check outAfter games, Klay Thompson can t wait to celebrate with a certain somebody at home. And he wasn t afraid to after Thursday s win. Omri Casspi has been stepping up with so many injured players out. , it was an added bonus that Casspi played so well on Jewish Heritage Night in front of his family who are in town for Hannukah. Columnist Dieter Kurtenbach, from Jordan Bell s passing to David West s continuing fountain of youth to Kevin Durant s continuing otherworldlyness. .

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