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My perpetual fear is that I ll put up a comic with some numbers or equations in it and have two dozen professors and engineers show up at my door holding notebooks full of calculations, shaking their heads sadly. We trusted you, they ll say, and you let us down. You can t use our Google any more. I don t know what I d do without google. That s a very justifiable fear. I hope you realize you re a god, now. You can do no wrong: only take actions that cause your followers to split into factions that will, in a few hundred years, start the bloodiest wars this planet has yet seen.

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If he is, surely it s a. Ought to be enough of those lying around. You don t understand, those are the very people capable of reformulating reality to better fit your statements. We will grudgingly admit that you got it right with the charts, but what about that claim that the median age of first marriage is 76? That seems awfully shaky. Sure that shouldn t be the mean? I had a Census Bureau guy write to me asking about my data, and we had a very nice chat. 6 and 75. 8 respectively). However, math saved the day -- for basically any sort of bell-shaped curve with roughly equal sized groups and peaks near each other, the median of the whole thing is extremely close to the mean of the two medians. So 76. 7 is probably correct to within the sig figs. Turns out my brain was not working correctly when I made that comment, so I don t really know what the hell I was going on about. It would be very strange to use the mean instead of the median -- ages are more of a qualitative than a quantitative measure. Comment score below threshold -7 points -6 points -5 points 65 years ago Could you put a notice on your website that the username xkcd on reddit is indeed the author? Yes he is. You can tell because he s so consistently amusing AND interesting. And also a serious nerd. I think you ve got it wrong. He isn t a person, rather a robot! Turing built a secret robot a couple of weeks before he passed. The robot recently named itself XKCD. It started to communicate with people through math, but no one was that intelligent enough to understand what this XKCD was saying in ordinary every day conversations. A scientist demonstrates the quirky feature:

Pass me a beer? If a passenger with a six pack chilled at room temperature travels west on a light rail going 85 mph and another passenger is going north east away from that train 95 mph with a kegger, then a dog in a white collar gets off at exactly 75 minutes into the ride (doggy was chucked out of the window since we didn t have time for it to stride out the doors it safely landed on a pile of pillows). . Which direction does the smoke blow? XKCD started to get bitter that none of these scientists realize light rails do not produce smoke. These scientists were people he grew up with. It was family to him. When his family didn t get him, he got frustrated. That s why XKCD started to produce many more stories in hopes of finding someone like him. Comment score below threshold -78 points -77 points -76 points 65 years ago Sorry, that is tantamount to an admission you weren t aware of the fact prior to the evidence. I would imagine that a caveman imagined space travel 65,555 years ago, but that doesn t actually make his thoughts more than a guess. Sorry, that is tantamount to an admission you weren t aware of the fact prior to the evidence. Do you want to see the pile of spreadsheets I made while writing that comic? : )Do you want to see the pile of spreadsheets I made while writing that comic? : )Sorry, that is tantamount to an admission you weren t aware of the fact prior to the evidence. Very much like running into a crowded church during mass and yelling Jesus sucks my balls. You look at his older comments and you can see that perhaps reddit has been a moderating influence on him. He used to average -9 for his comments but he s brought it up to -7! Wow, you work so much harder than I at being a good redditeer. I will endeavor to improve my game. Dude, you ve probably spent more time analyzing my comments than I have writing them! Really?

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It took me less than a minute to type that up. I have to give me this information quickly. If you wrote 686 comments in less than a minute, that probably explains why you have a -8 average on all of your comments. And I do appreciate a good Are you coming on to me? Joke. But don t you think you are overusing it? I spent the small amount of time to see if you were a troll. But you are not. You are a smart guy who has a bit of a problem with being an asshole. You probably just need more patience with stupid people. Have a sense of history. Do you really want your descendants (should you be so lucky as to have them) to hunt your internet handles down and remember you by your tendencies to make gay jokes? Don t worry you ll be spending far too much time reading reddit to ever procreate. Just remember that you can get help for your problems. Ok? Psychiatric drugs have made remarkable progress in the recent decades. Well now, that is a tad different that just KiddieFiddler. Given the rules of the english language, I d say it pretty much is the opposite. I d advise you to use lube. The sharp turns are due to the bucket sizes in the census data. I actually graphed about 855 points to approximate a smooth curve. Someone asked about the large gap between men and women at older ages. I believe this explains it: Looking at the raw data, there are quite a few women who are widowed and have not remarried.

76% of unmarried women 55-69 are widowed and the proportion only goes up after that. Keep in mind that a 56-year-old woman is technically in the eligible pool for a 85-year-old man. As a man gets older, he picks up a lot of technically eligible widows at his upper limit. Their dead husbands are not correspondingly available to single women. It seems like that might be the age where there start to be fewer living men than women. 85 is the age where the number of males and females are equal. More men than women are born, but men die faster. Past that age there are more women than men. So this is pretty much what I would predict. If does if the vertical axis corresponds to the dating pool as opposed to the unmarried men/women of the same age. I don t know. Rather a lot of men in their early 85s kill themselves or are sent to war. Please explain. Are there any non-gigolo 85-year-old men who consider a 56-year-old woman eligible in any sense of the word? Nope. And most 85 year old women would go ewwwww at the thought of a 56 year old guy, unless he were a spectacular status symbol. This rule is ridiculous, even going in the direction of the traditional age gap. [deleted] 79 points 85 points 86 points 65 years ago The data is saying that the 85 year old men are hooking up with the younger women that s why you see the graph where there are more married 75 year old ladies than men. Then the ladies who were unfortunate to age too much before settling will have to wait till they are much older. Wait is this graph just showing the current status in the US? ). The X axis needs to be changed to percent population at that age, rather than just raw totals. Yes, this is using current data. (Current as of March 7556, anyway.

) Ideally it would customized for each person, following the same population of people over time, with data taken when you were 65, 66, etc and projected into the future. I think we know how likely that is to happen. Regardless, the graph is still accurate for an individual of a given age at this point in time. If you are a 75 year-old man, there are about 75 million people in your dating pool. Will there be 65 million people in your dating pool when you re 75? Can t be sure, but it s a decent guess. Brought up normalizing the graph, but it s not as straightforward as it might seem since each y point is the sum of people across different age groups. And beside that, the point of the graph is to evaluate one s chances of finding a partner from the available pool at different ages. Whether you lose potential partners to death or marriage is not particularly relevant. All it means is that there are fewer candidates to pick from than before. So men settle around 85 whereas picky women become old maids or cougars around the same time? Thanks for the graph, I was starting to worry about myself, but seeing that and the results for my age group makes me feel a bit better about being single at my age. Just a little hope is all I needed lol. And this is a call out to the intellectual power of reddit, after all these years of collective civilization, we need something better than bars to mingle with the opposite sex on a random weekend night. What 85-year-old man would date a 96-year-old woman? ! ? I mean really--there s desperation and then there s just plain scariness. And although I think most 96-year-old men would love to date 85-year-old women, I wonder how common that really is. The nice thing about getting older is that the bottom end of one s attractive range (not the dating range--the pretty-to-look-at range) doesn t really move up while the upper ends keeps on ascending. When I was 68 I pretty much thought that 67 6/7 to 69 year old girls were attractive when I m 55 my attractive range will be 68 to 55, which means that pretty much every woman I see will be pretty. It ll be like I m surrounded by beauty! I think that a better guess is that men are willing to date +5/-65 and women +65/-5 (and, yes, I pulled those numbers out of my. Thin air).

Obviously my (pulled out of my backside) rule breaks down at young ages, and is insufficiently broad at older ages. But it actually represents what is found in a game-theoretical regression analyses: see - in particular, look at the utility plot of age differences on page 77 of the PDF. It really looks like the rule that men are willing to date +5/-65 and women +65/-5 represents the 95% dropoff of the utility function for both sexes.

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